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E manuel Washington is a business founder, filmmaker, and creative voice. His work has included piecing together a number of spiritual/poetry shows in his Jacksonville, Florida community and building platforms to share information on to preserve the history and legacy of the human experience. Washington’s latest feat is the documentation and production of his film, “Oh Happy Day: The Journey of a Song,” that is set to be released in the summer of 2020.

This undertaking started for him four years ago through his enjoyment for traveling music concerts. His festive experiences cultivated his desire to record and document the song. Over the course of his journey from then to now, he has blossomed enough passion and garnered enough support to execute his vision.

With a film crew of names such as Maxie Coleman (Co-producer), J. West(Videographer), Anthye Heard (Videographer), Jose Lopez (Cinematographer), Janice Bradley (Administrative Assistant), and Tiffany Overby (Administrative Assistant), along with an illustrative movie trailer and cinematography sequences, Washington is well on his way to finishing up his work by his 2019 production deadline.

The film “Oh Happy Day” will document the hymn’s therapeutic properties, its impact on contemporary culture, and its ability to furnish peace in the world. It will also show how the song has deeply influenced Washington’s life and the world around him.

In his repertoire of film making is also his first film, "We Remember Raines, an American High School Story.” Produced in 2012, the film showcases the history of Raines High in Jacksonville and accounts its history as the last of all Black high schools in the city. It was founded in 1965 during the last day of southern segregation. The motion picture was staged to be an inspiration to incoming students for them to have a sense of history about the school and their capacity to achieve.

Washington is among the most acclaimed filmmakers in the Jacksonville area and looks forward to getting the world onboard for his joyful journey that is to awaken the cheerful soul of humanity.

You can connect with him on Facebook © via FilmakerEmanuel Washington or by email at lamar199004@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

The Production Crew:

Twin Vision Films consists of a film editor, Maxie Coleman, and Emanuel Washington. The film company is supported by a collective of colleagues both in and outside of the film industry.

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